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WIA Centenary DVD

WIA Centenary Celebrations
January - December 2010

Historical Information

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VK100WIA Your Booking Details

Dates Booked

Sun 4th, Jul, 2010 - Tue 6th, Jul, 2010

Club Details

Orange & District Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 1065
Orange NSW, 2800
Contact : Bob Paton, VK2ABP, Special Event Manager
Phone : 0448300783
Email :

Event Details

VK100WIA Station operating at Club Rooms
Club Rooms
Warrendine Street
Orange, NSW, 2800

Operating Times and Frequencies

00.00z 4th July - 23.59z 6th July
VHF/UHF - SSB, FM, Repeater
23cm - EME using SSB, CW, WSJT

Other Activities

ODARC will be starting off at our clubrooms in Warrendine St Orange. Sunday will be the main social part of the clubs activation of VK100WIA. At the clubrooms we will be open to the public, and will have a good social gathering.
One very EXCITING aspect of the ODARC activation of VK100WIA is the use of EME on 23cm, giving a very unique way for sharing this special event callsign around the world.
Following is a roster of ODARC\\\'s planned activation of VK100WIA

4th July 00:00z - 08:00z ODARC Club house HF/VHF/UHF

4th July 08:00z - 14:00z - TBA

4th July 14:00z - 00:00z op VK2JDS - 23cm EME, HF

5th July 00:00z - 08:00z op VK2ABP - VHF/UHF (AE net in the morning), HF (SSB and digital modes)

5th July 08:00z - 14:00z - TBA

5th July 14:00z - 00:00z op VK2JDS - EME

6th July 00:00z - 06:00z op VK2TUV, VK2FJP, VK2BRY - HF

6th July 06:00z - 14:00z op VK2ER - HF including some nets

6th July 14:00z - 23:59z TBA


Local radio stations and newspapers EME publicised on world-wide EME group forums

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