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WIA Centenary DVD

WIA Centenary Celebrations
January - December 2010

Historical Information

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VK100WIA Your Booking Details

Dates Booked

Thu 22nd, Jul, 2010 - Sat 24th, Jul, 2010

Club Details

Australian Ladies Amateur Radio Association
P.O. Box 81
Ulverstone TAS, 7315
Contact : Susan Brain , VK7LUV, Secretary
Phone : 0458 616 313
Email :

Event Details

VK100WIA Station operating at Various VK States
Various VK States
Member Homes
VK3, VK4, VK5, WA, 0

Operating Times and Frequencies

Thurs 0001-1100 UTC & 2100-2259; Fri 0300-1400UTC; Sat 0001-1359 UTC &2100-2259 currently planned.
Variety bands/modes all days. Saturday via VK3RTV ATV repeater (?crossband ATV/2m)

Other Activities

ALARA\'s 35th Birthday Net 1000 to 1200 UTC Saturday from VK5 3.588 +/-


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