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WIA Centenary DVD

WIA Centenary Celebrations
January - December 2010

Historical Information

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VK100WIA Your Booking Details

Dates Booked

Sun 25th, Jul, 2010 - Tue 27th, Jul, 2010

Club Details

Townsville Amateur Radio Club
SES Headquarters Green Street
West End QLD, 4814
Contact : Philip Strom (Secretary), VK4WIT, Secretary
Phone : 0407 737976
Email :

Event Details

VK100WIA Station operating at TARC Clubrooms
TARC Clubrooms
Green Street
West End, QLD, 4814

Operating Times and Frequencies

12 hours per day on rotational basis
All Bands - All Modes

Other Activities

As part of The Townsville Amateur Radio Club operations of VK100WIA for the Centenary Celebration of the WIA, the North Queensland Net happening on Sunday 25th July will be controlled by VK100WIA on 3605.4kHz from 0930UTC until the net finishes and on the Townsville VHF Repeater from 1000UTC until the net finishes. The net is normally controlled by TARC Club Station VK4WIT however will change the callsign for this special evening. The full log will be transferred to the VK100WIA online log to ensure the correct acknowledgement of all stations worked. Control operators for this special net will be Gavin VK4ZZ who will be operational on 3605.4kHz and Richard VK4FRJG who will be operational on the Townsville VHF Repeater. The club station will be open to all visitors and tea, coffee and biscuits will be available. TARCInc will have a public display of Amateur Radio equipment and members will be on hand to answer any questions about the hobby. Foundation licence manuals and callbooks will also be on sale. The Club will also be taking bookings for a foundation courses etc.


The VK100WIA Centenary Celebrations have been widely publicized on local nets and within the TARCInc club newsletter of renown \\\"BACKSCATTER\\\"

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