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WIA Centenary DVD

WIA Centenary Celebrations
January - December 2010

Historical Information

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VK100WIA Your Booking Details

Dates Booked

Fri 17th, Sep, 2010 - Sun 19th, Sep, 2010

Club Details

Eastern & Mountain District Amateur Radio Club
PO Box 87
Mitcham VIC, 3132
Contact : Max Chadwick, VK3WT, Secretary
Phone : 9759 5131
Email :

Event Details

VK100WIA Station operating at Club Rooms
Club Rooms
13A McCubbin St
Burwood, VIC, 3125

Operating Times and Frequencies

HF - 6m - 2m - 70cm 23cm ATV

Other Activities

Display of Amateur Radio at Whitehorse Civic Centre Station in Burwood will be open to all visitors Tea and Coffee will be available. Amateur Television will be set up during part of the operation. For viewing ATV locally manually tune your TV or STB to 446.500. Not local or cannot tune try the BATC streaming Video site choose \"vk3rtv-1\" \"watch\" For a complete list of operating times and proposed bands and activities go to


Club Website - Club Net\\\'s Robert VK3DN to be interviewed on 3WBC FM

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