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WIA Centenary DVD

WIA Centenary Celebrations
January - December 2010

Historical Information

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VK100WIA Your Booking Details

Dates Booked

Mon 20th, Sep, 2010 - Wed 22nd, Sep, 2010

Club Details

WICEN West Australia
Contact : Heath, VK6WIE, President
Phone : 0404893178
Email :

Event Details

VK100WIA Station operating at Super Springtime - Perth
Super Springtime - Perth
Perth Show & Wireless Hill
Perth Show & Wireless Hill, WA, 6010

Operating Times and Frequencies

All hours possible. 0000-1500z +
All Including DSTAR and Satellite

Other Activities

This will be a presentation stall at the Perth Royal Show and Wireless Hill promoting AR and the WIA.

The local Amateur Radio Fraternity, also known as “HAMs”, are joining forces to put on two week long displays to promote Amateur Radio to the public with various displays of Radio and Electronics equipment. This will involve many “HAMs” irrespective of club membership or otherwise, and Members from the WA Repeater Group, WA VHF Group, WICEN, Hills Amateur Radio Group (HARG), Peel Amateur Radio Group (PARG) , Scout Communications and Technology Team, and Ham College are all formally supporting the event.

The displays will show many aspects of HAM Radio, such as early radio pioneering, evolution of radio technology, antenna designs and construction, sending pictures over the radio, Amateur Television, personal GPS tracking via radios, satellite operations via “HamSats”, and much more. There will also be active displays to involve members of the public so they can experience the wondrous world of Radio and Electronics.

Displays will be held over the “Show Week” from 25th September till the 2nd of October, and can be found at the Perth Royal Show co located with the Scout stand, as well as the Historical site up at Wireless Hill which will also be celebrating 100 Years since it’s activation in 2012. The Wireless Institute of Australia Centenary Committee have “coined” the collaborative Centenary event name of “Super Springtime”.

The displays at both locations are aimed at educating the public about the many facets of Amateur Radio and Electronics, and seeking interested people to join such a fascinating and diverse hobby. We are eager to attract the youth of today to pass on knowledge and experience.

The plan at this stage is to have a link between the Perth Showgrounds and Wireless Hill where we will have transceivers operating remotely for the full 6 days. The RAS have granted us access to the rooftop of the main building to put up any antennas/equipment. They are very supportive of our presence to educate the public on AR.

The use of the Wireless Hill site to display amateur radio activities was chosen especially in relation to the significance of the 30th September 2010 as a sight of major radio communication significance. This is being supported by the Melville City Council and the Wireless hill 100 Years Committee. Wireless Hill will be celebrating it\\\'s 100th Aniversary in 2012 so this will be a leadup event.


The main aim is to increase the involvement of the general public through better education and participation of all ages focusing on the history of Amateur Radio and Emergency communications, tying in with the scouts annual JOTA.

The main focus will be history of AR and Emergency communications, tieing in with the scouts annual JOTA.

This is a perfect opportunity for us all to get some fresh blood into the hobby.

We will demonstrate a combining of technologies like radio and internet. A demonstration showing how a small hand held receiver can communicate with an overseas station using IRLP, Echolink or DSTAR. This can also demonstrate how one can communicate with different cultures and speak to them about how they live.

Satellites - I don\\\'t know what would be overhead on the day, but it would be interesting to demonstrate what could be received without the need of a tracking set of antennas. Eg Recording data from a passing NOAA satellite, or even better, communications with the International Space Station. A chart showing different amateur satellites would also be useful in demonstrating amateur activity in this area. Also a Satellite prediction program displaying the HAMSATs above.

A demonstration of a few projects showing different levels of build. Eg a few home brew projects such as receivers, and a couple of antennas. A high level kit such as the TAPS SDR receivers would also be useful.

PRS demonstration. A couple of people who are mobile on the day can put a transmitter in their car and we can track their movements. Show this as the same technology being put into trucks to track their movements.

Signal variation demonstration. This would require two a low power transceivers capable of multimode operation, a splitter, stepped attenuator, a spectrum analyzer and some cables. A signal is transmitted from one radio through the stepped attenuator and is received on the other. We keep increasing the attenuation and compare the different signals until the signal disappears. The signal level can be monitored on the spectrum analyzer. This can be used to compare SSB, AM, FM, PSK31 etc to show which modes are best for different conditions and relate these to mobile phones.

Large information signs of radio frequency spectrum, which indicates the amateur radio assignment. Indicate the spectrum of use by Amateur Radio.

Display the talents and contributions of the group through use of radio beacons and the uses in radio propagation.

Display the record milestones to long range communication and those setting these records like Wally VK6KZ and Cess VK6AO. Provide examples in the form of signs and photograph of long distance record using vhf, shf & microwave

Draw comparisons between analog and digital signal formats, vintage and modern equipment, uses in everyday life.

Display side by side modern & vintage equipment both amateur and commercial utilizing the museum display where possible.

Assorted active and static antenna farm of various frequencies.

Display various forms of mobile antennas and equipment.

Setup examples of fox hunts. See if public can participate. Examples of DF equipment

Utilise the internet to demonstrate examples of Echolink/IRLP and possibly WSPR

Wheather Radar display on PC

Demonstrate or simulate long distance vhf /shf low signal dx with WSJT/JT65.

Wheather Radar display on PC

Demonstrate or simulate long distance vhf /shf low signal dx with WSJT/JT65.

Set up a workshop situation to demonstrate hand skills in soldering (including SMD), antenna construction etc...

A static display of PCB creation and construction, from cad to actual board.

Setup ATV/Video link between Wireless Hill and Showgrounds so that each end of the \\\'remote link\\\' can see each other

QSL Card display

MorseCodians \\\"Telegraph Office\\\" in contact with RAS, Armadale, Beechworth etc

A mobile trailer with Satellite Dishes, Antenna contruction and SDR operations will be on display. Also the display of high end test equipment for use in amateur radio.

Wireless Hill will have the following key equipment operating the VK100WIA callsign:

FT1000MP (HF) Kindly provided by HARG
IC-7400 (HF Secondary) Kindly provided by HARG

FT-847 (Satellites)

IC-7000 (All bands, all modes)

IC-2820 (DSTAR)

SDR TRX\\\'ers (Several on display)

TH-3 Tri-band HF Yagi 10/15/20m

X-5000 Triband Co-linear

X-200 Dual-band Co-linear

HF all-band Dipole

HF longwire (commercial)

70cm Yagi (Link to Showgrounds)

X-Yagi (Satellite)

Plus MANY many more...

Showgrounds will have the following key equipment operating the VK100WIA callsign:

FT-847 (Satellites)
IC-7000 (All bands, all modes)

IC-2820 (DSTAR)

IC-2200 (APRS Digi)

REMOTE operation of Wireless Hill Radios/Equipment

Note that this equipment is for the OPERATION of the VK100WIA callsign. There will be much more equipment as part of the display so please come along, help out and have a look.

We have some Satellite contacts planned and liason via the AMSAT-VK reflector, with some expected passes allowing East-West Australian contacts so keep an ear out.





Frequency Mode Name
7.075 LSB WICEN40m
10.115 USB WICEN30m
14.116 USB VK TRAVELLERS NET 0200-0330Z
14.125 USB WICEN20m
18.150 USB WICEN17m
21.190 USB WICEN15m
24.950 USB WICEN13m
28.450 USB WICEN10m

146.950 -600 NODE: 6200
438.425 -5MHZ 123Hz CTCSS Tone. IRLP Node 6772.

146.950 -600 Node: 170709
438.425 -5MHZ 123Hz CTCSS Tone. Echolink Node 31740

146.8375 -600 VK6RWN C
VK100 /WIA

Please feel free to contact us to make a Sked!


VK100WIA Super Springtime \\\"Show\\\" event coordinator
WA Repeater Group – President

VK6 DSTAR - Co-ordinator

VHF Group – Vice President

Hills Amateur Radio Group – Vice President

Wireless Institute Civil Emergency Network – Technical Officer

Wireless Institute of Australia – Advisory Committee (VK6)

+61 404 893 178

Skype: spooktech


This will be a presentation stall at the Perth Royal Show promoting AR and the WIA.

ALL local papers and major newspapers have been contacted, totaling dozens of media outlets. Melville City Council have funded a paid advertisement into the local paper.

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