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2007 News Releases




Members apply for qualification as Learning Facilitators

Date : 14 / 08 / 2007
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

In late April the WIA announced that WIA Learning Facilitators will replace the Invigilators and WIA Learning Organisers (who will need to be either WIA Assessors or WIA Learning Facilitators) will replace Group Leaders.

1 December 2007 was the date proposed for the change.

Full details can be found in the booklet "WIA Learning Facilitator Instructions" on the WIA website.

The application for training and registration may be made using the form on the WIA website, which may be used as an application for either Assessor Training or Learning Facilitator training and registration.

If you are applying for training and registration as a Learning Facilitator, there may be questions that appear unnecessary to answer. If so, don't answer them and if more information is required, we will ask you.

Already 24 members have applied for qualification (which may be done on-line) and registration as a Learning Facilitators, and more are expected soon. In addition, a number of new applications have been received for qualification as WIA Assessors.

Clubs and individuals are asked to ensure that all applications for qualification as a WIA Learning Facilitator are lodged at the WIA office as soon as possible.


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