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New NTAC Repeater and Beacon Procedures

Date : 15 / 08 / 2007
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

The National Technical Advisory committee, NTAC, is responsible for advising the WIA Board on technical matters, developing and revising national band plans, coordinating frequency assignments for repeaters, links and beacons and other tasks, and the National Repeater and Beacon Coordinator, a member of NTAC, provides “Letters of Coordination” as required by ACMA before licensing repeaters and beacons.

Following extensive consultations with the National Technical Advisory Committee Chairman John Martin VK3KWA and National Repeater and Beacon Coordinator Peter Mill VK3ZPP the WIA Board has announced changes to the procedure for obtaining the WIA’s “Letter of Coordination”.

Inquiries and applications should in the first instance be sent to the WIA national office, either by mail or email addressed to

The WIA office is responsible routing the application to the appropriate Regional Advisor and tracking the application through the process, and will acknowledge to the applicants that material has been received. It will also advise the applicant when the “Letter of Coordination” has been sent to ACMA.

In addition, the issue of repeater and beacon licenses and changes to the licenses, including terminating a licence should also be advised to the WIA national office.

This way, the WIA can ensure that the appropriate people are kept informed, and that if particular NTAC experts are away for any reason, applications are not unreasonably delayed.

Further details can be found on the WIA website, and shortly suggestions for processing applications and templates will also be placed on the website.


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