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2007 News Releases




First week of WRC-07

Date : 31 / 10 / 2007
Author : Keith Malcolm VK1ZKM

The World Radiocommunications Conference 2007 (WRC-07) commenced in Geneva on Monday 22 and will continue until Friday 16 November.

The WRC is a formal treaty-level conference at government-to-government level so follows highly structured and formalised working methods.

Representing the amateur service on the Australian delegation is Keith Malcolm VK1ZKM, nominated by the WIA.

Keith reports that Agenda Item 1.15 covers the establishment of an amateur LF allocation in the band 135.7 137.8 kHz on a secondary basis has been addressed at working group level.

The majority of contributions on this topic are supporting the proposed allocation and only one contribution (from the Group of Arab States) is opposed. Most of the supportive contributions are proposing a footnote to limit the maximum permitted transmitted power level to 1 watt eirp.

Keith also tells us that the chairman of the working group is now negotiating with the Group of Arab States to see what is required for them to remove their objection to an allocation, so progress on this item is stalled at present.

Keith has provided an Information Paper, which contains more information and is on the WIA website.

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