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D-Star to be used for Hurricane watch.

Date : 23 / 07 / 2008
Author : Richard Hoskin - VK3JFK

Southern Texas and Northern Mexico are currently threatened by hurricane Dolly. As usual some Australian volunteers are assisting and supporting US amateurs by keeping a listening watch and when required, assisting with Net Control and any other requests that may be made of them.

This time D-Star will be used as a new communications tool along with EchoLink and IRLP to assist amateurs in helping the public in time of emergency.

The Victorian D-Star repeater VK3RWN B will be connected to the US VoIP Weather Net on D-Star Digital Reflector 002 Port A from 2pm EST tomorrow to allow local amateurs to provide assistance. VK3RWN B will stay connected to the Reflector until the threat has passed or our assistance is no longer required.

If amateurs are able to monitor both VK3RWN B (or REF002 A if you're using a DV Dongle or another gateway) and have IRLP/Echolink capability, you are encouraged to connect to *WX_TALK* or IRLP 9219 (these are the same system) and pass on anything of significance, as not all of the Net Controls have D-STAR capability. To aid you in deciding what to pass on, reporting criteria are available at

It is important that All amateurs keep VK3RWN B clear of local traffic during this period. If you are monitoring VK3RWN B ensure that your DPRS beaconing is turned OFF.

For more details on the VoIP Weather Net visit or click this Link
(Add 14 hours to the times shown on this web page)

Details on Hurricane Dolly can be found at or click this Link

More assistance from local amateurs is always welcome. If you would like to help our fellow amateurs with the VoIP Weather Net on D-Star please contact Tony VK3JED via email at


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