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2009 News Releases




New D-Star projects & Experimentation.

Date : 15 / 01 / 2009
Author : Richard Hoskin - VK3JFK

There have been a lot of new developments taking place with D-Star, especially in the UK where home brew D-Star equipment is taking off big time. As an example, in the UK amateurs are working on the following D-Star projects.

  Full D-Star repeater system.
  D-Star hand mic insert.
  D-Star HotSpot
  D-Star Pic decoder / encoder
  And much more....

In Australia there is project underway to build a homebrew D-Star regenerator. These projects are in various stages of development. Mark G7LTT (pictured right) has even got D-Star working on 6 mtrs and 10 mtrs. See his note below.

I'm sure that there are a few more VK D-Star projects in the pipe line for Amateurs to experiment with.


Hello all,

In the interests of "just because I can" I today was able to have a 10M and 6M D-STAR QSO with myself.

Equipment this end was 2 Yaesu FT-8900 quad band FM rigs (10/6/2/440) and 2 of Satoshi's DV adapters.

The "conversations" were in simplex mode over a distance of some 50 feet from my shack to my car parked outside my house. Whilst this is by no means a true test I should like to claim bragging rights to the first 10M and 6M D-STAR contacts if they are not already spoken for.

Have fun all and start building those 6M D-STAR repeaters!!!


Visit Marks website by clicking the following Link


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