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2009 News Releases



Radio Amateurs Bounce a Signal off Venus

31/ 03/ 2009   Radio Amateurs have achieved the very first reception of amateur signals bounced off the planet Venus over 50 million km away - EVE (Earth-Venus-Earth)
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Graphene Microchips Could Lift Communications Speed Limit

30/ 03/ 2009   New research findings at MIT could lead to microchips that operate at much higher speeds than is possible with today's standard silicon chips, leading to cell phones and other communications systems that can transmit data much faster.
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Scouts National Radio Camp 2009

26/ 03/ 2009   ´╗┐Want to experience ham radio like never before and get your licence? If you are a Scout, Venturer or Rover, then this is the camp for you!
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FRANK BAUER, KA3HDO, steps down from AMSAT and ARISS positions

25/ 03/ 2009   Frank Bauer KA3HDO, Tuesday, March 24, 2009 has announced his resignation from all of his duties with the Amateur Radio on the International Space Station program.
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2009 EMDRC White Elephant Sale - "Best turnout in many years"

22/ 03/ 2009   Nearly 400 people swarmed into the hall to find the bargains at Melbourne's Eastern and Mountain District Radio Club White Elephant Sale.
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WIA Seeks Feedback on VK9 Callsigns

22/ 03/ 2009   The WIA took over the management of callsigns only 4 weeks ago, and while it can only recommend policy to ACMA it is now seeking views from interested amateurs on the way that the VK9 callsigns for the Australia External Territories should be managed.
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WICEN Activation - Oil Spill Emergency Clean Up

21/ 03/ 2009   On Sunday, 15 March 2009 the North Coast Region Specialist Communications Group was activated to provide communications support for the "Oil Spill Emergency" Clean Up operation.
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David Rankin VK3QV/9V1RH SK

20/ 03/ 2009   David Rankin VK3QV, 9V1RH passed away in Singapore on 19 March 2009. David was always the enthusiastic amateur, originally involved with Victorian Division, then the Federal Executive, and was Federal Vice President for a number of years.
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Wicen Tally

20/ 03/ 2009   It is six weeks since the Black Saturday disaster that involved a third of Victoria claiming 210 lives, destroying more than 2000 homes, wiping out townships and killing farm animals and wildlife in its path.
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GlobalSET - 18 April 2009 - Rules published

19/ 03/ 2009   The date for this event, sponsored by IARU Region 1, has been altered to coincide with World Amateur Radio Day on Saturday, April 18th.
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GippsTech - Special Edition the 2009 WIA AGM Weekend of Activities

15/ 03/ 2009   The Wireless Institute of Australia is pleased to announce the expansion of the “GippsTech – Special Edition” program with additional Sunday Morning guest speakers.
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Activation Update - More Wicen Operators Required

02/ 03/ 2009   We're now into our fourth week of this activation, and I know people are starting to find it difficult to get away from their work commitments, however its very inefficient for me to ring around people to try and fill shifts.
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