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2009 News Releases




WICEN - Victorian Bushfire Update

Date : 11 / 02 / 2009
Author : Mark Dods - VK3XMU

WICEN has received an unprecedented response to our appeal for operators for the bushfires. We believe we now have sufficient operators available to allow us to staff the likely tasks that lie ahead. I want to thank all the operators, both Victorian and Interstate, who have registered their availability.

It now appears that WICEN's role in this emergency is going to be a long hard marathon over an extended period. We will need a large number of operators, but not many at a time. Our operation in Kinglake was wound up yesterday with the restoration of normal phone services. WICEN Operators are waiting in Alexandra for access to Buxton to be restored. An Alexandra-Buxton link will then be setup and maintained until Buxton's phone services are reconnected. The devastation in the Narbethong/Marysville area however is likely to take much longer to recover from, and its here that we expect to be called upon for a more extended period.

My thanks again to those who have volunteered. I look forward to working with you.

Mark Dods VK3XMU
WICEN (Vic.) Inc. Secretary.


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