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WICEN - Call For More Operators

Date : 24 / 02 / 2009
Author : Mark Dods - VK3XMU

Today WICEN Victoria was asked to provide operators for three outer metropolitan Melbourne Incident Control Centres (ICCs). WICEN does not have sufficient operators for all the shifts we have been asked to fill, and so we are looking for volunteers from the wider Amateur Radio community.

HOWEVER, this type of deployment is not for every Amateur Operator! The ICCs are extremely noisy, busy environments where multiple radios are going simultaneously. Headphones are not an option as the DSE/CFA Controllers want to be able to listen in if they feel the need. Despite all this, accurate message handling and concise voice procedure are absolutely required! Shifts are 12 hours long with shift changes at 7am and 7pm.

If you feel you can be an effective operator in the environment described, then WICEN has need of you. Please be aware that there will be some volunteers who we will not be able to send into an ICC. Indeed some WICEN members have made themselves unavailable for ICC deployment because they feel they cannot operate there effectively.

Offers of help from interstate have been greatly appreciated, however we do not at present have authorisation to fund interstate travel. If you are willing to travel to Melbourne at your own expense as some have offered, then we could use you. Please talk to us before travelling however, so we can try to ascertain whether you are suitable for deployment.

Offers to assist should be made to Mark Dods VK3XMU by email to : or by phone to 0409 214 834.

ICC Photograph above courtesy of Peter Young VK3MV, click the photo for a larger view

WICEN Call For More Operators - Video Message From Mark Dods VK3XMU


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