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Worldwide Dstar Contest Announced

Date : 07 / 07 / 2009
Author : Richard Hoskin - VK3JFK

The very first D-Star world wide contest has been organised for July 25th to the July 31st. The contest will be sponsored by Icom Inc, Japan.

The contest will run from UTC 00:00 July 25, 2009 (Sat.) until to 24:00 July 31, 2009 (Fri.) The contest is open to any ham radio station worldwide operating D-STAR equipment and will take place on the 144, 430 and 1200MHz bands using DV mode.

The contest will have the following operating categories and multiple entry to different categories is allowed :
  Single operator, World Repeater
  Single operator, World Simplex
  Single operator, Japan Domestic Repeater
  Single operator, Japan Domestic Simplex

Icom will announce the result of this contest at the Icom booth at the Tokyo Ham Fair 2009 and Icom web site on August 22, 2009. Certifications will be sent to the top 10 stations or within the top 20% of participating stations in each category. For egsample when the participating stations are less than 5 stations for a certain category, the top station will be given the award.

10 winners will be selected from the participating stations (excluding any disqualified stations) in a draw, and they will receive an IC-80AD or IC-E80D.

For full details and contest rules simply click on the following Link


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