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Orana Region Amateur Radio Club at The Dish

Date : 11 / 08 / 2009
Author : Petria Cameron - VK2FERE

The Parkes Radio Telescope opened its doors for the weekend of 18 & 19 July, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of man walking on the moon. Over the weekend, they welcomed 6,500 visitors. Many enjoyed a tour of the telescope, helicopter flights, staff on hand to explain the trial Square Kilometre Array telescope destined for outback Western Australia... and... talking with members of the ORARC about amateur radio. On Saturday, the queue for the telescope tours was 300 metres and three hours long, right past the ORARC stand. The "captive" audience was treated to conversations with KE5YGI (David) from Houston Texas USA, via 2 metres IRLP, as well as local chatter on 2 metre. VK2CDH (David), VK2FLYN (Lyn), VK2LQZ (James), VK2TRH (Reg), VK2AGW (Ken) and VK2WN (Ross) enthused about the hobby to anyone who would listen.

Meanwhile, VK2FERE (Petria) and VK2LQZ (James) had five of the One Laptop Per Child computers available for hands on exploring, including testing the capabilites of the Laptops' antennae.

Thanks to VK2CDH (David) for organising the event. He did such an impressive job, he was elected Club President at the AGM the following weekend. Congratulations! Thanks also to the Parkes Radio Telescope for inviting the Club, and for giving us permission to transmit.

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