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2009 News Releases




137 kHz Beacon on the Air

Date : 27 / 08 / 2009
Author : Peter Young - VK3MV

Well known Amateur Radio Magazine author and experimenter, Drew Diamond, VK3XU, is operating a CW beacon on 137.4 kHz every Saturday and Sunday afternoons and evening. Drew has activated a 50 Watt transmitter (pictured right) into an inverted wire antenna from his Wonga Park QTH. He would like to receiver signal reports, that can be sent to his email address: providing date, time, signal strength and grid locator (eb QF22ML). Due to the very low antenna efficiencies at this frequency, Drew estimates his effective radiated power is 6 milliWatts. His signal has been heard in Melbourne, Sale and Sydney.

Interested in this band?

With the recent amendments to the Australian Radio Frequency Spectrum Plan, Advance Amateur Licensees can apply to the ACMA for an amendment to their existing station licence that authorises the use of the band. See the WIA new release by clicking the following Link

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