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2009 News Releases




Typhoon Morak CTARL ARES activity ends

Date : 28 / 08 / 2009
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

The CTARL reports that the job of ham radio operators supporting the rescue and construction activity has concluded after quiet a busy period. Ted BV2OO and the CTARL ARES team have returned safely from the mountain area where they had been assisting others including a medical team. Most of major cellular and land line phone services, plus satellite phones have been restored and there is no further use needed of ham radio communications. More details about the emergency communications provided by ham radio, both inside and outside the disaster hit area, are not immediately available.

The government is also beginning to provide temporary housing for many people who lost their homes during the typhoon, and it has a very difficult and long reconstruction effort ahead of it. Many mountain roads are in need of repair which will take many months or years, and some may never be able to be re-opened. Up to 1000 people were believed to have been buried as many villages were covered with rock and mud. Some 320 schools were damaged. The total cost of the reconstruction is estimated to be $3000M USD.

(Ralph BV2FB CTARL Liaison Officer and Jim VK3PC IARU R3 Disaster Communications Officer)


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