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WIA Centenary details to be announced

Date : 26 / 09 / 2009
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

The WIA began with a meeting of like minded people at the Hotel Australia, Martin Place, Sydney, on the 11th March, 1910, which formed the Institute of Wireless Telegraphy of Australia. Has anything been happening about the centenary of the WIA next year, you may well ask. Well, actually, yes, a great deal has been happening to celebrate the founding of the Wireless Institute of Australia 100 years ago.

The WIA's Centenary Committee has been working on it for some 18 months. It has prepared extensive plans. With the broadcast next Sunday the 4th of October and with the October issue of AR the WIA will be launching the details of the celebration of the centenary of organised amateur radio in Australia, which will commence in May and with a very special annual meeting in Canberra at the end of that month and continue through to the end of October. And, we propose a very special role for our affiliated clubs. So, make sure you are listening to VK1WIA next weekend.


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