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ARISS contact on Amateur Television & YouTube

Date : 05 / 11 / 2009
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

A video production of the recent contact by Melbourne's Sherbrooke Community College with the International Space Station is to played on the VK3RTV Digital Amateur TV repeater VK3RTV this Wednesday (11 November).

Jack Bramham VK3WWW has recorded and edited the event that involves 11 students asking questions behalf of their school, and sister schools in China and Bhutan. The recording captures the voice of Canadian Astronaut Robert Thirsk during the nine minute QSO plus about a further six minutes of vision and audio.

It will be aired on the VK3RTV repeater at Mt Dandenong at about 9pm on Wednesday. And is available on YouTube. The VK3RTV transmission is another opportunity for those within the coverage area of this repeater and have set-top boxes or USB UHF TV receivers, to tune in and see glorious DVB-T digital television.

Click below to view the Sherbrooke Community School ARISS Contact


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