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ABU digital radio delegation visit Sydney and VK1WIA in DAB+

Date : 18 / 11 / 2009
Author : Graham Kemp - VK4BB

Twenty radio delegates from eight different countries visited Sydney this week as part of an Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union digital radio delegation.

The delegation wwas hosted by Commercial Radio Australia in collaboration with the ABU Technical Department and included representatives from MRTBN - Mongolia, RTHK - Hong Kong, RTB - Brunei, VOV - Vietnam, TBS - Japan, LRN - Laos, RTM & IPPTAR - Malaysia and Mediacorp – Singapore. The ABU delegation is made up of senior executives in engineering, programming and management eager to understand how Australia made the transition to digital radio and follows visits in the past couple of months from Korean and Indonesian radio broadcasters.

Joan Warner chief executive officer of Commercial Radio Australia said Australia’s successful DAB+ has created a great deal of interest internationally. Creating interest in Australia last week on the DAB+ platform in Brisbane was the highly successful transmission of the WIA national news and QNEWS. This was the edition read by current and past Radio Announcers, sort of "taking back the streets".

Radio (or the wireless) as we know it today DID evolve from radio amateurs so last weeks news formed the centre piece of a special broadcast on TAB+ a digital channel in Brisbane. Featuring the news of course but also heaps and heaps of music with a radio/communication theme. ABBAS SOS... VK1WIA gave both CQ Serenade and CQ Boogie a play, there was Slim Dusty dot com and "Grand-dad was a telegraphist, the tracks from "The Ham Band" (Google that one it's well worth a surf".. and what radio show would be worth it's salt without COMMERCIALS! Yes plenty of plugs on how to become a ham and the WIA-BOOK SHOP. Following on from that success it is planned to do it again in 2010 for our Centenary using VK100WIA if you are in Brisbane, look for TAB+ or if (shame shame) you have yet to purchase a digital radio visit your local electronics store and ask them about Digital Radio!

Click the links below to see and hear a couple of video clips of the transmission.

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ABU Digital Radio Delegation
ABU Digital Radio Delegation PR Nov09.pdf


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