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2009 News Releases




WIA National News On Video

Date : 05 / 12 / 2009
Author : Robert Broomhead - VK3DN

For the second week in a row, video footage of the weekly WIA National News presented by Bryan VK3HXR and Robert VK3DN is available for download. The news broadcast was simultaniously audio recorded and video'd at the home of Jack VK3WWW. The high resolution video footage is available for download from the link below, it is suitable and recommended for rebroadcast via Amateur Television Repeaters.

Our appreciation goes to Jack VK3WWW for his time filming the broadcast and preparing the Video footage for distribution.

Please Note : The video footage is in high res mpeg 2 format and is 1.3 Gigabytes in size
You will need a mpeg 2 decoder to play the footage.
Download the high quality mpeg format video footage via this Link

WIA National News - Youtube Edition - Part 1 of 3

WIA National News - Youtube Edition - Part 2 of 3

WIA National News - Youtube Edition - Part 3 of 3


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