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2011 News Releases




Greetings from the Rockhampton and District Amateur Radio Club.

Date : 13 / 01 / 2011
Author : Les Unwin - VK4VIL

As floodwaters recede from our area and the clean up begins, it is timely for us in the Fitzroy Basin to reflect. In this area, direct assistance of amateurs was not required. Cell phones have done a wonderful job. Perhaps amateurs did assist the effort , being partly responsible for the development of the cell phone. Considering the National flood position as a whole, we have been lucky, so far.

Property wise, we have suffered relatively slow, widespread inundation, all with prior warning. In military terms, this could be noted as infiltration with prior intelligence knowledge. By comparison, some of our Southern neighbours have suffered a Pearl Harbor attack. We can be sure, cost in all terms, will be horrendous in all affected areas. Loss of life however, is something we currently share throughout the State and further. Our thoughts are constantly with the families and friends of those lost to the floods.

73' from Les, VK4VIL, reporting from Rockhampton Island - well almost.

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