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Re-introducing - The advantages of amateur radio when other communications fail

Date : 16 / 01 / 2011
Author : Geoff Emery - VK4ZPP

After the years of dust, the presence of La Nina has proven to be a dubious bounty. The terrible devastation that has occurred around the Sunshine State and the sad loss of life causes those not immediately dealing with flooding to pause and reflect.

In the scheme of things, the Recovery Task Force head, Lt. Gen. Slater has acknowledged that many of the systems and procedures have been improved in the light of past experience and this must be acknowledged. However, the reports that communications are once again an issue, in some areas, must stir the minds of anyone with familiarity with radio systems, let alone licensed amateur operators.

Congestion in the telephone system has caused authorities to request donors to the Premier's Flood Appeal not to use the "1300" telephone number and instead make payments in person or via the internet. It seems that other 1300 numbers being used in the emergency effort are being made less available by telephone donors to the appeal.

Similarly, in some areas, outside of the regional centers, land lines have been damaged and available mobile services have been less than satisfactory for residents and emergency workers.

With the introduction of the WIA Emcom Training package and in the light of this most recent experience this could be a pertinent co-incidence rather than a happy one. Maybe this could re-introduce the advantages of amateur radio when other communications fail.


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