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2011 News Releases




WIA Extends Emergency Communications Training

Date : 01 / 03 / 2011
Author : Phil Wait - VK2ASD

Following the success of the first series of courses, and with almost 100 people registered for future training, the WIA has extended its Emergency Communications Operator Training Scheme to all Australian licensed radio amateurs.

The non-refundable fee payable for undertaking the WIA Emergency Communications Training is:

  WIA Member $30.00 inc. GST
  Non-WIA Member $65.00 inc. GST

Non-WIA members will be deemed to be a non-voting temporary member of the WIA from the commencement of training, for a period is 6 months. As Temporary members they will receive 6 mail-outs of Amateur Radio magazine and will be eligible for all other WIA member services and discounts. Temporary membership will cease on the last day of the seventh month after the month in which the temporary membership commenced. Temporary membership may be converted to ordinary membership at any time by completing the application for ordinary membership and paying the membership fee. Any unexpired period of temporary membership at the time of application for ordinary membership shall be credited as additional time as an ordinary member.

All WIA affiliated clubs who meet minimum requirements for numbers, and who have access to a suitable venue and accredited trainers, can apply for a group training event. Interested clubs should phone the WIA office for more information. The standard registration fees apply for each trainee. The WIA reserves the right to insert other trainees into such events if excess capacity exists. Further information about the WIA’s Emergency Communications Training, dates and venues, and on-line application and payment form is available by clicking the following Link Applicants for training will need to provide a current Australian drivers licence number or, if they do not hold a current Australian drivers licence, should phone the WIA office.

The training and accreditation scheme is a two part process - Training and Accreditation. Persons who have completed the training course and who are assessed as competent can then apply for WIA accreditation as a WIA Volunteer Communications Operator (VCO). Temporary members will need to upgrade to full WIA membership before applying for WIA accreditation as a "Volunteer Communications Operator." Accreditation is not an automatic process, and only those who meet certain criteria for health and availability will be accredited.

We will post information shortly on this website regarding WIA accreditation as a Volunteer Communications Operator.


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