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WIA Membership Fees

Date : 09 / 04 / 2011
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

Board decides to increase some WIA subscription rates but creates special category for younger students.

Way back on 20 and 21 February 2010 the WIA Board considered the WIA’s finances in some detail and decided to increase most of the WIA subscription rates. The implementation of this decision was delayed as we had to overcome some problems with our software. Those have now been (hopefully) overcome.

At its meeting on 2 April 2011 the Board reviewed the earlier decision, and decided that it was some increases were essential and will take effect from 1 June 2011.

Why did the Board decide an increase was necessary?

The current subscription rate is the rate that was fixed in May 2004, when the new Constitution was adopted. The Board noted that the Australian Bureau of Statistics figures showed a 16% Consumer Price Index (CPI) increase for 5 years during the period since May 2004 to 2010. The Directors concluded that the Consumer Price Index, the statistic that is accepted as a reasonable measure of inflation, cannot be ignored and must be reflected in the WIA’s subscription rates. In discussing the issue, the Directors noted that there was not really a great difference between the current ordinary annual subscription rate and the subscription rate for concession members. They felt that a greater difference was justified. Accordingly, the Board has decided to increase the ordinary membership and overseas membership annual subscriptions by $5, but not to increase the concession or family subscription. The Directors also considered the fee currently charged to students, a category that has been treated on the same basis as other concession members. There are very few student members, though we know from our administration of the amateur qualifications, many young people are joining our hobby. It was accepted that many younger people would not be able to afford even the current unchanged concession fee, but if they could be attracted to join the WIA, they could become members for many years.

Student members were defined as full time students under 25, and they will be charged a special fee of $35 a year. 5 year memberships will not be available to student members. While the other changes come into effect on 1 June 2011, this change comes into effect immediately.

New WIA Membership Fees

Full Membership
1 Year - Current Fee $75.00 - New fee from 1 June 2011 $80.00
5 Year - Current Fee $356.00 - New fee from 1 June 2011 $380.00

Overseas Member
1 Year - Current Fee $85.00 - New fee from 1 June 2011 $90.00
5 Year - Current Fee $403.00 - New fee from 1 June 2011 $427.00

Concessional Membership
1 Year - Current Fee $70.00 - New fee from 1 June 2011 $70.00
5 Year - Current Fee $332.00 - New fee from 1 June 2011 $332.00

Student Membership
1 Year - Current Fee $70.00 - New fee from 9 April 2011 $35.00

Family Membership
1 Year - Current Fee $30.00 - New fee from 1 June 2011 $30.00

A Family Member is a second or further person living at the same address as a Member or Concession Member receiving AR (the Primary Member). A Family Membership must be linked to a particular Primary Member at the same address. A Family Member does not receive AR. The Board decided that those increases would only apply to subscriptions paid on and after 1 June 2011.

This means that if a member wishes to pay a subscription before it becomes due (even a 5 year subscription) so long as it is paid before 1 June 2011 the WIA will accept the subscription at the lower and now current rate.


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