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2011 News Releases




VK1WIA Is Off To Mars !

Date : 27 / 04 / 2011
Author : Graham Kemp VK4BB

VK1WIA Is Off To Mars and you can come along for the ride! Yes now YOU can send your call sign to Mars

NASA are collecting names to be put on a microchip that'll be onboard the Mars Science Laboratory rover heading to Mars Later this year. Some Radio Amateurs have been adding their call sign to last name field. As well as having your call sign travelling around the Martian surface you also get a electronic commemorative certificate to print out on your home computer.

The rover has an unusual connection with radio - it has special Morse Code indentations on its wheels that will spell out the initials JPL in Morse as it travels around Mars. JPL stands for Jet Propulsion Laboratory, builders of the rover.

Put your name/call sign on Mars at

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