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Offensive comments made on CB Radio result in a $5000 payout.

Date : 05 / 08 / 2011
Author : Graham Kemp - VK4BB

A southeast Queensland-based security worker who was called insulting names on CB radio has won a $5000 payout from her former boss. The woman from Eagleby, south of Brisbane, hailed from the former Yugoslavia and complained to the former Anti-Discrimination Commission over offensive comments allegedly made by a security business owner. The 65-year-old woman's complaint shone a light on the abusive culture of some UHF/CB radio transmissions, with one witness admitting he had even encouraged his four-year-old daughter to use racially loaded terms.

The tribunal was told the security firm had previously employed the complainant and her son, but fell out with the son in 2008 prior to the alleged abuse. "The culture of the CB radio conversations between the parties, witnesses and other users is carried out in an abusive tone with racially vilifying and sexually harassing words and connotations," the tribunal said.

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