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2011 News Releases




New WIA Director

Date : 17 / 08 / 2011
Author : Michael Owen - VK3KI

Peter Young VK3MV has resigned as a director of the WIA, wishing to reduce his commitments. However, the Board is delighted that Peter will continue to be deeply involved with the WIA’s work with the ACMA and government generally.

Under the WIA Constitution, the Board is obliged to appoint a new director for the balance of a retiring director’s term. The Board has appointed Trent Sampson VK4TI a director for the balance of Peter’s term.

Trent was first licensed as a result of the CB boom of the 70s as VK2NDK/VK2YHA in Tamworth NSW and then progressed through a series of callsigns VK2KTS, VK2ZI, moving to Queensland in 1999 with is current callsign VK4TI Trent is a keen contester and a member of the VK Contest Club and is on the contest committee for the Oceania Dx Contest as well as being the manager of the VK Shires contest. Trent is an Insurance Adviser and also a qualified Financial Planner.


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