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Date : 30 / 08 / 2011
Author : Phil Wait - VK2DKN

A new Emergency Communications Network (EMCOMNET) has recently been set up by the architects of Red Cross Emergency Communications (RECOM). The RECOM organisational and technical model adopted in 1997 has been extremely successful in its work with Red Cross, and RECOM would now like to offer the new network infrastructure to other similarly setup amateur emergency communications organisations.

The RECOM operational model relies on embedding trained amateurs within a Non Government Organisation (NGO) or Emergency Services Organisation (ESO). The operators are expected to belong to the NGO/ESO and become familiar with its operation. In the case of RECOM, the operators actually belong to the Australian Red Cross and are considered an integral part of that organisation. In order to help facilitate the formation of more similar entities to RECOM, EMCOMNET will provide access to the existing technical infrastructure and software that RECOM now use. EMCOMNET will also provide advice to amateur groups who wish to embed trained operators into other NGO and ESOs. Access to EMCOMNET will be restricted to operators who have WIA National Emergency Communications training qualifications and who are also members of an amateur emergency communications entity embedded in an NGO or ESO. A significant personal commitment is required.

The existing EMCOMNET Stations operate as HF Radio Data Gateways to the Internet. They operate 24/7/365 and are geographically separated to enhance the spatial diversity of the Network. The client/customer is able to access secure messaging, text and spreadsheets, images, emails and GPS mapped position data from the activated stations simply by viewing an internet page which can be accessed with passwords. EMCOMNET will be adding two extra strategically placed Network stations to the system during 2011, 2012. A similar network has been used by RECOM for the past 14 years and has worked flawlessly during major Australian disaster activations. The proposed enhancement of the new Network will provide greater redundancy, greater spatial diversity, and an increase the traffic carrying capacity for when other entities join the Network.

For more information on RECOM see the Emergency Communications section on the WIA website.


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