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Antenna Height Regulations- NSW Planning Review

Date : 29 / 09 / 2011
Author : Phil Wait - VK2ASD

Radio amateurs view their antenna structures as things of beauty, but not everyone shares those sentiments. Everyone would agree large antennas should be subject to the development approval process, but what about antennas lower than say 10 metres? Some councils say that no permit is required for a free-standing mast of 6m, or if attached to a building no higher than 3m above the peak roof height. This height is really too low for an effective HF antenna. The difficulty here is that there are no uniform rules across the Nation, let alone the State, or even across a city. So, an antenna that does not require development approval in one local government area may be out of the question all together in another. Some councils simply don't know, or put radio amateur antennas in the same category as commercial communications facilities, with the same restrictions.

Amateur radio towers and antenna heights are regulated through local environment plans (LEPs). In NSW, the Department of Planning is looking to change to the way LEPs are made and to make them more flexible. To this end a planning review team is holding a series of public meetings around NSW and is accepting written submissions. There MAY be an opportunity here to improve the situation for radio amateurs in NSW - the most populous state for hams - if as many NSW radio amateurs as possible make written submissions to the review. We believe written submission would be more effective that attending the public meetings - but time is short.

The WIA is urging as many amateurs as possible to make written submissions. WIA Manager Mal Brooks has contacted the WIA NSW Advisory Committee and asked them to draw the attention of as many clubs and individuals in New South Wales to this matter as soon as possible. The WIA has asked Amateur Radio New South Wales to publicise this request on their broadcast this weekend.

Background information and directions on how to make an effective written submission will be placed on the WIA website at

Phil Wait


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