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Pirate Radio Station Stomped On By ACMA

Date : 08 / 10 / 2011
Author : Computer Daily News

The Australian Communications and Media Authority has stomped on a pirate radio station that was operating from Chadstone, Melbourne. The station, operating on 1485kHz AM could be heard for up to 10km, and had been broadcasting for the past week, mainly in the evenings, ACMA reported.

The station was rebroadcasting music from MyMP, an outfit which broadcasts mainly middle-of-the-road music via DAB digital radio. But it didn't have a broadcasting licence. "Following a complaint," ACMA reports gravely, "inspectors from ACMA's Field Operations Section used advanced direction-finding equipment to pinpoint the exact location of the transmitter"- and closed it down. Unlicensed station operators can face hefty penalties or prosecution, the watchdog warns.

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