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Men’s Shed talks about Amateur Radio

Date : 23 / 01 / 2015
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

In the Men’s Shed Australia publication "The Shed Online" in an answer to a question, it has discussed Amateur Radio as an activity that could socialise, network, make friends and share skills.
The lengthy article tells how to access and enjoy Amateur Radio, describing it as fitting directly the Men’s Shed target audience, involving senior members training and assisting the younger or newer ones, and building up mentor relationships.

It said: "Amateur Radio also has the benefit that you don't need to regularly attend the Men’s Shed or radio club to actively participate. Most radio clubs … hold 'On Air Nets' via radio many times per week where any radio amateur can join in and chat about what they have been up to or what they are planning on doing."

The article looks at the basics on the hobby and how to get started. It begins with an explanation of the history, then the modern activities, equipment both new and second hand, the DIY aspect, and the Wireless Institute of Australia (WIA) role that includes running licence assessments.

The WIA website has important information for those who wish to enter Amateur Radio, with many beginners starting with a Foundation Licence. It suggest readers to download and print out the Foundation Licence syllabus, adding that it might look a bit daunting but is worth a good read. The training that is available from local clubs and the assessment system are included on the WIA website.

Repeated from the WIA website, it said: "Welcome to the activity of Amateur Radio, a multifaceted and easy to learn communications hobby, through which you can meet other like-minded people and have fun. It has become very diverse and is shared by three million people throughout the world."

The Shed Online article received favourable responses, including someone who has recently become a Foundation Licence holder and enjoys it as a past-time, and another wanting to know which Men’s Shed already have radio amateurs who could help.

The opportunity to promote Amateur Radio through the 1,000 Men’s Shed groups in Australia was discussed at the WIA annual general meeting on the Sunshine Coast Queensland in May 2014. The Shed Online article gives it further support.


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