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TRAC welcomes VK/ ZL ANZAC ceremony guests

Date : 21 / 04 / 2015
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

The radio amateurs visiting Gallipoli on ANZAC Day ceremonies from Australia and New Zealand are to be met by members of the Türkiye Radyo Amatörleri Cemiyeti (TRAC). An email from TRAC said the meeting point with the guests will be at the first check-point as the buses disembark there, and at Akbas Cemetery.

TRAC will have a visible contact post and will listen to 145.550 MHz and 433.550 MHz simplex. The guests should call Aziz TA1E on those frequencies, and stay tuned all day. A small welcoming gift has been prepared by TRAC which it would like to hand over. Some TRAC members also are in the ceremony area as part of their emergency communications duty. If the flow of the events permits, TRAC would like the visitors at its HF-locations, but despite best efforts that may be not possible.

The Echolink System TA3EC now covering ANZAC Cove will also be on 432.850 MHz with CTCSS 88.5 Hz on receiver and transmit. Alternative QRG is 432.825 MHz with same CTCSS. APRS will be YM3KCN on 144.800 MHz. During the ceremonies TRAC will be on the frequencies forwarded by Belgium +/- QRM. Most probably 10 MHz CW or PSK will be possible at that time of the day. TRAC will also have stations on 40m and 20m simultaneously with the third station on 30m.

Calling Frequencies for 2015 ANZAC Commemoration.

Digital : 1805kHz
CW : 1825kHz
SSB : 1850kHz

Digital : 3.630MHz
CW : 3.530MHz
SSB : 3.585MHz

Digital : 7.040 MHz
CW : 7.010 MHz
SSB : 7.095 MHz

Digital : 10.145 MHz
CW : 10.110 MHz
SSB : 10.120 MHz

Digital : 14.095 MHz
CW : 14.010 MHz
SSB : 14.250 MHz

Digital : 18.095 MHz
CW : 18.105 MHz
SSB : 18.115 MHz

Digital : 21.095 MHz
CW : 21.105 MHz
SSB : 21.250 MHz

Digital : 24.925 MHz
CW : 24.895 MHz
SSB : 24.935 MHz

Digital : 28.055 MHz
CW : 28.025 MHz
SSB : 28.450 MHz

Digital : 50.225 MHz
CW : 50.500 MHz
SSB : 51.150 MHz

Digital : 145.000 MHz
CW : 144.050 MHz
SSB : 144.150 MHz

The Echolink System covering Anzac-Cove will be TA3EC on 432.850 MHz with CTCSS 88.5 Hz on Rx and TX. Alternative QRG is 432.825 MHz with same CTCSS. APRS will be YM3KCN (144.800 MHz).


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