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2m and 70cm Bandplans "Draft for Comment"

Date : 27 / 05 / 2015
Author : Phil Wait - VK2ASD

Amateur Radio Bandplans are a voluntary operating code, which divides the various amateur bands into segments, in order to minimise interference between often incompatible transmission modes and technologies. As technology progresses, and patterns of usage change, Bandplans need to be periodically reviewed and updated to ensure they meet current needs, and also that, as much as possible, band usage remains internationally harmonised.

Following the adoption of revised 630 metre, 40 metre and 6 metre amateur Bandplans earlier this year, the WIA now presents new 2metre and 70cm Bandplans as a "Draft for Comment".

We encourage interested persons to submit comments to the 2mx and 70cm proposals if possible by the 15th June 2015. We will need to finalise the bandplan arrangements by the 15th July in order to have the changes ready for publication in the Callbook this year.

The WIA would like to sincerely thank John VK3KM, Peter Mill VK3APO and Grant VK5GR and the entire Technical Advisory Committee for undertaking the difficult task of reviewing the Bandplans, and finding a workable solution to satisfy the various competing interests.

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