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Date : 01 / 06 / 2015
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

The Wireless Institute of Australia has upgraded and revised some content on its website which continues to be well-read. The recent changes include those in response to member suggestions about receiving details of what the WIA is doing for the hobby. WIA Director Robert Broomhead, said an interesting range of online material is available on the website under the 'For Members' tab that contains Benefits, Services and Information.

"Under the section 'Promoting Our Hobby' is information in the WIA resource material - The Calling CQ Brochure and Poster, their purpose and availability.

"In 'Emergency Communications' the role played by Amateur Radio, which in Australia is traced back to the flood in Queensland in February 1927.

“Another innovation is the WIA Board Newsletter library. Past copies are now available from the website under the 'WIA Information' dropdown menu. The WIA Board Newsletter is sent monthly to the radio clubs for them to email to all their members and contains a summary of WIA developments,” said Robert VK3DN, whose portfolio includes the WIA website.

The IARU Monitoring System or Intruder Watch observations are posted, so are the Band Plans, Contests and the other useful information that appears regularly.

He said additionally, the ‘WIA Hot Issues’ section on the website contains a list of major matters currently being handled that affect Amateur Radio in Australia, linked back to the relevant WIA news release.

The WIA posts news releases to the home page of its website. Periodically, these are also summarised and emailed to those members who have obtained a free your address that diverts automatically to the chosen email address at home or their office. If something major occurs, this can also be sent as soon as possible.

Check out “Your WIA Email Address” under the “For Members” tab on the WIA website for more information.

If you are looking for more information about what the WIA is doing, want to be informed on the latest developments that may affect you, then check out the material on its website at and obtain a free your address.

The WIA also continues to deliver its news via a number of other means, including the weekly VK1WIA broadcast on air and its text edition, and through the pages of its journal, Amateur Radio magazine.


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