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WIA 2m and 70cm Bandplan Review – Update

Date : 13 / 06 / 2015
Author : Grant Willis - VK5GR

Following the initial release of the draft 2m and 70cm band plans back on the 20th of May, many members have given us feedback on the proposals which has been most welcome. The sub-committee has been continuously reviewing the inputs received and has made some small amendments to the proposals. These are now available for you to consider at the links below.

The changes on 2m entail reinstating some of the special use channels. In particular, 145.7 has been relisted as the ARDF Homing beacon channel (although it is still under review as compatibility with potential repeaters is explored).

On 70cm, the use of the simplex segment between 438.95 and 439.775 has been clarified as available for FM and Digital Simplex (12.5 or 25 kHz channel spacing) not just FM as it was in the previous release. Two additional designated simplex channels have also been defined. These are 439.200 for digital voice calling (to replace 438.95 used previously and in alignment with the plan to refarm old AX.25 channels) and 439.400 for ARDF activity.

The window for feedback has now been extended to the 15th of July so that members can further consider the plans and provide their feedback before their adoption.

Please send your feedback to

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