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Windows bug can affect digital modes

Date : 01 / 08 / 2015
Author : Chris Platt - VK5CP

In this digital age is the ever present is the threat of errant software. Now comes a warning that digital modes used by radio amateurs in the popular Windows platform can be degraded, but a fix is available. It seems there is a bug with the USB audio chipset used in sound interfaces that occurs in Windows Vista and later. The affected chipset is the TI PCM2900 series PCM2904 and below, and pre-C revisions.

Attention to it comes from Michael Carey VK5ZEA who has used the fix with success. He had a few weird things happen since upgrading his shack PC to Windows 7. The original information seems to be Jon Sands KD9DAL, who has posted a non-exhaustive list of devices including all Icom, Kenwood and Yaesu radios with USB audio, and the popular Signalink USB interface.
He warns that: "If you have one of these devices, on windows vista or later, your performance is reduced due to this bug, even if you think it's working fine."

Jon KD9DAL said that the bug is very odd and has some quirks that bring it back very often even after the fix. A detailed YouTube shows it and real measurements of the affects.

To learn more about the bug and its fix, visit the following Link


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