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Business as usual on 2300-2302 MHz, for now

Date : 04 / 08 / 2015
Author : Roger Harrison - VK2ZRH

In the Amateur Licence Conditions Determination (LCD) 2015, released in early July, the 2300-2302 MHz band is retained, listed as a secondary allocation, as it was before. Visit this Link

There has been no recent announcement from the ACMA about its 2013 proposal to withdraw the 2300-2302 MHz amateur allocation so that 2300-2400 MHz could be re-allocated for Spectrum Licensing.

However, the WIA considers that 2300-2302 MHz is still "under threat" and we'll have to await the outcome, firstly, of any allocation decisions from WRC-15 that may affect the 2300-2400 MHz band and, secondly, the government’s Spectrum Review currently under way. If the band is affected, it will take the authorities some time to update the Australian Radio Frequency Spectrum Plan and revise the allocation for 2300-2400 MHz, let alone licence it under the foreshadowed new spectrum management regime.

In the meantime, telecommunications operators overseas are pursuing new business to achieve "everyone, everything connected, everywhere, all the time" - dubbed heterogeneous networks, or Het Nets. Naturally, the companies looking to create and deploy HetNets are targeting the low microwave spectrum. For example, the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore (IDA), the counterpart to our ACMA, has assigned spectrum in the 2300-2400 MHz and 2500-2690 MHz bands for trials to evaluate the potential benefits to consumers and enterprises. For more information, Google "Spectrum in 2.3GHz and 2.5 GHz TDD bands assigned for HetNet trials".


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