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2015 News Releases




WIA ANZAC 100 program – Antarctica new dates

Date : 11 / 08 / 2015
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

The plan to have Australia’s Casey Station in Antarctica on air last weekend August 8-9 under the VI0ANZAC commemorative callsign was stopped by a severe storm, but it has now been proposed for later this month. Doug VK0DMV had been eager to use VI0ANZAC that is part of Wireless Institute of Australia ANZAC 100 program, but was disappointed when a storm struck with its high wind, a blizzard cutting visibility and freezing temperatures.
Doug VK0DMV described the storm having wind reaching 112 knots and a fair bit of damage was caused. He added: "There is always some damage after these sort of blows - this is the worse to date this year."

A Q-MAC HF-90 solid state 50 watt HF SSB transceiver to be used feeding a dipole antenna has selectable Upper Sideband and Lower Sideband, making it compatible with Amateur Radio on all bands. It will use the previously announced times and frequencies.

The WIA is pleased to announce that VI0ANZAC is rescheduled for the weekend of August 29-30, weather permitting of course.


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