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IARU Region 3 in Bali Indonesia

Date : 23 / 09 / 2015
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

The International Amateur Radio Union Region 3 triennial conference in Bali on October 12-16, is hosted by IARU Member Society, Organisasi Amatir Radio Indonesia or OARI. The venue is the Sanur Paradise Plaza Hotel, where OARI will have special event station YB16IARU. It’s the 2nd time that the event has been held in Indonesia.

ORARI President, Sutiyoso YB0ST said: "It's an exciting time for us as we continue to grow and thrive, remaining always adaptable, motivated and responsive. "The world of Amateur Radio is an exciting area in which to work and play, and we’ll continue to meet and bring inspired people together in forums like this, to ensure IARU Region 3 remains at the cutting edge."

IARU Region 3 covers the Asia-Pacific. Among the matters to be considered are those referred from the other two IARU Regions. In Bali there will be IARU Region 3 Directors, representatives from IARU Region 1 and Region 2, and the IARU International Secretariat. Among those represented in person or by proxy are the ARRL US Pacific Territories, ARSI India, BDARA Brunei, CRSA China, FARA Fiji, HARTS Hong Kong, JARL Japan, KARL Korea, NZART New Zealand, MARTS Malaysia, ORARI Indonesia, RAST Thailand, SARTS Singapore, WIA Australia, and VARC Vietnam. Each have filed a report. Some attending delegates may also hold proxies for IARU Region 3 Member Societies who can’t be there, and these may be exercised under the constitution when voting occurs.

On the agenda are reports including on the World Radio Conference in Geneva in November, the IARU role in CubeSat launches, UN push for Morse code to have heritage recognition, Band Planning, proposed Korean war cemetery owned by the UN to have a 4U1 callsign, and the 17th conference venue. IARU Region Coordinator reports also include ARDF, Emergency Communications, the Monitoring Service (Intruder Watch), International Beacons, Region 3 Award, and Support to the Amateur Radio Service (STARS) program.

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