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Youth to grow Amateur Radio

Date : 03 / 10 / 2015
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

A potential growth area for Amateur Radio is involving younger people as a wonderful 'for them' and 'hands-on' communications activity. A report to the IARU Region 3 Conference in Bali Indonesia (October 12-16) comes from the Region 3 Directors, that describes as an underlining theme,
where the next generation of radio amateurs comes from, so that what is enjoyed today, can continue to provide benefits to the community.

The Directors note that there are other effective ways of making Amateur Radio grow, including reviving lapsed radio amateurs, broadening its appeal in a crowded marketplace that has many other activities, and tapping into the like-minded followers of the DIY Maker Fairs.

However, the report suggests a focus on Youth may be lacking by some Member Societies in our region. The PARA Kids Day event has a distinctive logo of a kid with the microphone and a tuned circuit, the WIA through its Foundation Licence is finding it attracts some younger new hams, and activities for younger people is the JARL Ham Fair - there may be some other examples too. However the Youth theme is heavily promoted in the IARU Region 1, with the concept now also being taken up outside Europe. For example, YOTA (Youngsters On The Air). The IARU Region 2 has the ARRL showing a lead with its Kids Day to promote Amateur Radio to Youth.

The Directors suggests to the conference delegates that embracing Youth be considered now by all Member Societies, and that it be the theme with reports for the next and 17th IARU Region 3 Conference.


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