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WIA representative on the IARU team at WRC-15

Date : 02 / 11 / 2015
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

During the recent International Amateur Radio Union (IARU) Region 3 meeting in Bali Indonesia (October 12-16), WIA representatives Phil Wait VK2ASD and Peter Young VK3MV informally discussed funding for the international work of Dale Hughes VK1DSH.

Dale is Chair of the ITU Working Party 5 (WP-5), which deals with issues concerning the amateur and amateur satellite services. He has attended a series of five meetings by the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity in the lead up to the current World Radio Conference (WRC-15), which is about to be held in Geneva (November 2-27), and which will be discussing a proposed new secondary allocation for the amateur service around 5300 kHz.The work of Dale as Chair of WP-5 has occurred mostly behind the scenes and has been half funded by the WIA members and half funded by the IARU.

The IARU and the WIA have now come to a new arrangement where the international amateur community, through the IARU, will provide a greater share of funding, and will also fund Dale’s attendance at WRC-15. The financial load to WIA members is now significantly reduced.
The head of the Australian Delegation to WRC-15 said that Dale is valuable member of the Australian Delegation. He has been doing an excellent job, and both the IARU and the WIA are very appreciative of his valuable time, expertise, and ongoing commitment to the maintenance and expansion of our operating privileges.

Dale Hughes' VK1DSH international work follows that done by many others from the WIA, including David Wardlaw VK3ADW and the late Michael Owen VK3KI (sk). At the IARU Region triennial conference held in Bali in October were the WIA President Phil Wait VK2ASD, and delegate, now IARU regional director, Peter Young VK3MV.


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