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ANZAC callsigns all-out in final days

Date : 18 / 12 / 2015
Author : Jim Linton - VK3PC

To commemorate the Century of ANZAC, more than 50 ANZAC-suffixed callsign events have been held over the last eight months - but that all ends on this weekend.

The VI3ANZAC team by Amateur Radio Victoria has had 400 contacts during the ‘last hurrah’, and the vast majority of them with eager Europeans on CW. It began last weekend with Peter VK3PF actively kicking off the event. VI3ANZAC has hit the bands using CW, SSB, PSK31, PSK63, Olivia, and Digital Amateur Television. Joe VK3YSP reports an unusual contact with QRP enthusiast Peter VK3YE, who was flying a kite antenna on 40m from Chelsea Pier. Luke VK3HJ was active for several hours on 15m, where he made 156 contacts in CW, and they came after a bicycle ride up Mt Buller in the alpine country. The gang on VK3RTV had a turn at getting VI3ANZAC in the log with another first, courtesy Peter VK3BFG, who put the commemorative station on digital amateur television.

Meantime the ‘Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train’ VI4ANZAC team of up to ten operators continues to mount up contacts and its set for a big weekend. So far on the MF bands QSOs it had been heard on 630m and 160m, including a cross-band contact with old-timer Col VK3RO listening on 160m an transmitting on 2m.

A contact from VK5BUG on AM mode 160m score Ron VK3IO which is quite an achievement. Meantime Peter, VK4QC has been on 40m, 20m, & 15m bands logging 215, including getting into Europe.
Glen VK4BG reports good results on 6m the ‘magic band’ that opened up allowing 76 contacts to date.
On the evenings Mike VK4QS reports hard going on 80m but it did result in good contacts at well over 5 by 9, including a chat with VK1RAN followed by VK3RAN. The Royal Australian Navy Amateur Radio Net just returned to that band after some two years, and were delighted at working VI4ANZAC that commemorates the ‘Royal Australian Naval Bridging Train’. Then Mike VK4QS ventured on to 40m where he worked VI3ANZAC operated by Julie VK3FOWL.

Another Queenslander Mike VK4MIK reports making VI4ANZAC contacts, with his highlights being on the 40m & 15m bands into Oman, New Caledonia, New Zealand and Japan.

VI3ANZAC, VI4ANZAC with VI6ANZAC in Perth and VI8ANZAC Darwin are now taking part in the WIA ANZAC 100 ‘last hurrah’ campaign. A closing address will be heard on December 20. Further details of each event are on the WIA website, and


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