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Practical Antenna Handbook 5th Edition

Author : Joseph J. Carr & George W. Hippisley
Publisher : McGraw Hill
ISBN : 978-0071639583
EAN : 639583

Dimensions (cm) : 23.6(H) x 18.7(W) x 2.5(T)
Weight (kg) : 1.85

Added To Bookshop : 28/ 3/ 2012


Reorganized to flow logically from broad physical principles to specific antenna design and construction techniques, the book begins by covering the fundamentals. Then the half-wave dipole is discussed both as an excellent antenna in its own right and as a conceptual tool for predicting the performance of other designs. Transmission line impedance matching techniques—and a companion Smith chart tutorial—lead into "must have" accessories for tuning, monitoring, and troubleshooting antenna system performance. Other tools, such as antenna modeling software and network analyzer add-ons for PCs and Macs, are addressed, and concluding chapters offer fresh insights into support structures and installation techniques.

Antenna topics covered include:
Dipoles and inverted-Vs
Quads, delta, and NVIS loops
Wire arrays (bobtail curtain, half-square, rhombic)
Verticals and shunt-fed towers
Rotatable Yagi beams
MF/HF receiving antennas (flag, pennant, K9AY, Beverage)
Mobile and portable antennas
VHF/UHF/microwave antennas
...and many more!

Product Details
Softcover: 767 pages
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc; Fifth Edition (November 2011)
Language: English

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