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Marine Amateur Radio
The United States Power Squadrons

Fast, Clear, Affordable Communications ship-to-ship or ship-to-shore

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N0AX's Radio Puzzler
H. Ward Silver, N0AX

Sharpen your pencil--while sharpening your mind! Here’s a fantastic collection of Test Your Knowledge articles from QST, and other challenging logic problems. Enjoy puzzles, quizzes, humorous articles, and word problems; sprinkled with some vintage cartoons. A ham operator’s delight!

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Radio Orienteering The ARDF Handbook
Bob Titterington G3ORY, David Williams, M3WDD and David Deane, G3ZOI

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Storm Spotting and Amateur Radio
Michael Corey W5MPC & Victor Morris AH6WX

Amateur Radio: Your opportunity to participate in severe weather reporting.

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The ABC's of Software Defined Radio
Martin Ewing AA6E

Why Your Next Radio Will Be SDR

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The ARRL Image Commmunications Handbook
Dr. Ralph E. Taggart, WB8DQT


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The Gil Cartoon Book

It is a tribute to a legend, a man who created more than 1500 pieces of art for QST.

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The Secret Wireless War
Geoffrey Pidgeon

The Story of MI6 Communications--1939-1945 Second Edition, third Printing

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