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Marine Amateur Radio

Author : The United States Power Squadrons
Publisher : International Marine / McGraw Hill
ISBN : 0-07-145629-5
EAN : 456296

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Added To Bookshop : 16/ 2/ 2010


When you're miles offshore, and the nearest vessel is somewhere over the horizon, you need a fast, reliable, easy-to-operate communication system. Marine Amateur Radio provides all the information you need to select, install, and operate an inexpensive and completely dependable ham radio system on any boat, power or sail.
Ham radio gives you the advantages of a single-sideband system at a fraction of the cost. This well-illustrated guide succinctly explains how to use your radio for voice or Morse code communications and how to check and send e-mail, link up with onshore signal repeaters to extend your range, and even make personal phone calls. Designed to open flat for easy use onboard, this manual also shows you how to:
??? Obtain a Technician Class or General Class operator's license
??? Use ham radio for coastal, high-seas, or worldwide communications
??? Tune the optimal frequency band for the time of day and range of transmission

128 pages. © 2005, by United States Power Squadrons. (ISBN: 0-07-145629-5)

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