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The Secret Wireless War

Author : Geoffrey Pidgeon
Publisher : UPSO Limited (UK).
ISBN : 1-84375-252-2
EAN : 051523

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Added To Bookshop : 9/ 2/ 2008


"There never was, in the whole history of wireless, a bigger role for the amateur wireless enthusiast."--author Geoffrey Pidgeon

Possibly the most important UK wireless traffic in World War II was handled by a unit formed in 1938 as part of the communications division of Britain's Secret Intelligence Services (SIS). The Secret Wireless War offers a history of the SIS, its growing use of wireless in the 1930's, its involvement in the dissemination by wireless of Enigma (Ultra) intelligence, and a whole range of secret uses of wireless as part of the successful prosecution of the war.

The Secret Wireless War documents the personal tales of those who were part of this most secret of units, and events that helped to win the war: secret agents abroad, wireless operators handling "Ultra" and agent's traffic, wireless engineers, interceptors, and administrators; the story of Churchill's personal wireless operator; a fleet of 70+ Packard motor cars and converted Dodge ambulances used as mobile wireless stations; and hams listening to the Abwehr (German secret service) and the Gestapo.

This is an extraordinary story that includes hams among those patriots that undoubtedly helped the allied war effort.

© 2003-2007, By Geoffrey Pidgeon. Second Edition, third Printing (Revised in August 2007). 194 illustrations including pictures of secret agent's wireless sets! 422 pages, high-quality paper, hardback. ARRL is the exclusive US distributor.

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