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Antenna Compendium Volume 7

Author : ARRL
Publisher : ARRL
ISBN : 978-0872598607
EAN : 598607

Dimensions (cm) : 27.4(H) x 20.8(W) x 1.2(T)
Weight (kg) : 0.54

Added To Bookshop : 26/ 1/ 2008


Inside, you’ll find articles covering a very wide range of antenna-related topics:

30, 40, 80 and 160-Meter Antennas
Measurements and Computations
Mobile Antennas
Multiband Antennas
Practical Tips
Propagation and Ground Effects
Quad Antennas
Special Antennas
Stealth Antennas
Tuners and Transmission Lines
Vertical Antennas
VHF/UHF Antennas
Wire Antennas
Yagi Antennas
And, this volume includes even more articles on low-band antennas and operating, and great designs for operating on the road-from cars, vans or motor homes.

208 pages. First edition, © 2002, The American Radio Relay League.

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