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Amateur Radio Astronomy

Author : John Fielding, ZS5JF
Publisher : RSGB
ISBN : 978-1095086672
EAN : 086672

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Added To Bookshop : 30/ 9/ 2007


Amateur Radio Astronomy explores the contributions of radio amateurs to the science of radio astronomy. You’ll learn how average Amateur Radio operators can make and set up equipment to study the signals coming from space today!

* Receiving radio signals from outer space.
* A historical perspective of radio astronomy needed to become active.
* Expanded details of parameters for the antenna and receiver through practical low noise amplifiers.
* A 50MHz Meteor Radar system.
* Advice on assembling a receiving station and practical information to put together your own.
* A practical design for a 1420MHz "hydrogen line receiver".
* Mechanical Systems and details of the Hart RAO KAT Demonstrator Antenna.

375 pages. © 2011. Published by Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB).

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