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Understanding, Building and Using Baluns and Ununs

Author : Jerry Sevick, W2FMI
Publisher : CQ Communications, Inc.
ISBN : 978-0943016245
EAN : 8982

Dimensions (cm) : 27.4(H) x 21.5(W) x 1.2(T)
Weight (kg) : 1.00

Added To Bookshop : 27/ 1/ 2008


The book is the successor to Building & Using Baluns & Ununs. This edition includes new tutorial material, designs and explanations of how and why they work. It also provides an opportunity to learn about the application of baluns and ununs for dipoles, Yagis, log periodics, Beverages, antenna tuners and countless other applications.
136 pages. © 2003, CQ Communications, Inc. () #8982

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